Grab a bunch of Disney games for FREE for Windows Phone and Windows 8 - Worth ₹2080!
  • Disney Solitaire (Worth $4.99)
  • Where’s My Water? (Worth $4.99)
  • Where’s My Perry? (Worth $4.99)
  • Where’s My Mickey? (Worth $4.99)
  • Wreck-It Ralph (Worth $4.99)
  • Toy Story: Smash It (Worth $4.99)
  • Monsters University (Worth $4.99)
  • WMW? XYY (Worth $4.99)
The Windows Store listings all show that this is a temporary promotion but that it will last at least another 13 days, so that’s plenty of time to grab these games before they revert back to their normal prices.
Go to and search the apps you want to download from above

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