We all in our online life have at least once participated in a contest...Very excited during participation...All hopes high...

But did you actually win one?

Hard time remembering?

If you didn't just jump at me saying "Yes I Have" Then i have news for you gentleman...YOU HAVEN'T!!

Have you ever though why?

Is your luck so bad? Are you a total waste?

Maybe...Or Maybe Not..

According to a survey conducted by a popular survey company "survey money" it has been seen that many of the contestants participating in the contest loose their chances of winning because of the wrong info filled in,Wrong answer provided or fake info.,

It could have been that you may have won a contest but the organizers may not have been able to contact you because of the wrong info that is..email,phone number or address you have provided....

It has happened with me a lot of times...

So here Are A Few Guidelines you should Keep In Mind Before Participating In A Contest/Giveaway:

>You should Provide Legit Info!
The info provided by you in the forum should be legit and 100% real and live!otherwise the organizers might not be able to contact you in case you win!

>fulfill all the condition
You must fulfill all the conditions laid down by the organizing company..some of the organizers are pretty rude in this case...They have to have all the conditions fulfilled.so do it when you have time!

>Stay away from fake contests

Yes...Its true...
There are fake contests in this world :p

You should make sure that the organizing company or site or whatever it is ...its real and legit moreover verified from the authority...

All the contests/samples/freebies posted here on this site are legit and tested by me personally...You can see on the slideshow bar on the homepage...The goods that have been received and the contests that have been won by me and our faithful members...

>Stay Secure!
Never! I Repeat! Never Provide your sensitive info (credit card no.,Pan No,Passwords etc.) To anybody!Anywhere!

We will not be held responsible in any case of privacy thefts!

So guys...winning contests or giveaways are pretty easy..If you open your eyes and brains..and look into it a little...

Nothing Is Impossible...If The Contest Couldn't be won...Then They wouldn't be there!


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